HMFP Overview

Information Coming Soon: Heritage Management Field Program 2018

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The Heritage Management Field Program (HMFP) is an experiential learning program in cultural heritage management for local and international students and professionals. The HMFP will provide qualified graduate students and professionals in the fields of cultural heritage, archaeology, conservation, and related disciplines with the opportunity to gain practical field experience in the specific discipline of heritage management.
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[/row]Participants will visit heritage sites working with local communities, national authorities, government officials, and heritage professionals to understand the complexities of successfully managing heritage sites in a developing economy. In consultation with local communities and government officials, students will design a heritage management plan for a designated heritage site.

Students will be from varied international and regional backgrounds and will share and engage in the cross-cultural exchange of ideas and values around heritage. The HMFP will provide a transformative and rigorous academic experience that will encourage students to think critically about the role of heritage today.

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