Integrated Heritage Management | Integrated Heritage Project

The Integrated Heritage Project will be designing and implementing sustainable Integrated Heritage Management programs, in collaboration with local communities, that are fully integrated into the communities around them.

To ensure the success of heritage preservation initiatives all relevant stakeholders must be engaged in the process of developing and implementing such projects. The long-term survival of any heritage site is dependent upon the value and meaning which individuals, communities, and nations attribute to it. By creating Integrated Heritage Management programs that involve the local communities as key stakeholders and foster community and economic development, a heritage site takes on new value, beyond the aesthetic or cultural, and becomes an integral part of the community.

As part of IHP’s Integrated Heritage Management strategy, in all projects, IHP will:

  • Engage the local community as active and willing stakeholders and participants in the development process
  • Work to identify relevant heritage management, capacity building, and development models specific to each site and community
  • Make available educational programs and training to local communities
  • Maintain a multilateral approach involving local and national government and non-government organizations
  • Establish mechanisms to monitor short and long-term impacts and effectiveness of projects